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About Us

 “33 POL TOURS” Travel Agency is a professional Travel company based in Isfahan.
Established in 2009 by well-known Isfahan tourism identity, Hossein Nasr, and named with reference to the famed Allahverdi Bridge, “33 POL TOURS” offers inbound visitors a range
of tours guaranteed to cater for all tastes and needs.
    The company is an inbound and outbound tour operator and a leading specialist in cultural tours to Iran. We are prepared to organize tour packages for any desired itinerary to anywhere in Iran for tour organizers, couples, groups of friends and families. The company has been
awarded 6 times by cultural and tourism organization for its brilliant activities in inbound tours.

“33 POL TOURS’ Travel Agency owns 4 main certificates in tourism industry:
 *  “A” certificate from Iran Civil Aviation Organization
*  “B” certificate from the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization
*  “P” certificate from the Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization of Iran for Pilgrimage & religious tours

* Authorized Agent of Iran Health Tourism   

*  Authorized Agent of National Railway Transportation Co. (RAJA)
    “33 POL TOURS” Travel Agency is member of the Iranian Tour Operators Association (ITOA), agent of aviation Institute of VCATI , and agent of “SEVEN STARS CARPET” hoteling equipping organization.
E-mail: hosseinnasr24@yahoo.com

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Hossein Nasr

Managing Director

    With 22 years’ experience as a guide and tour operator, Hossein Nasr has a deep understanding of visitor needs, and the importance of providing reliable, responsible and premium services. In recognition of the quality and reliability of its services for inbound tourists, “33 POL TOURS” travel agency has been recognized as the best travel agency in Isfahan on 6 separate occasions.

     Mr. Hossein Nasr is a key member of the technical assembly of the Isfahan Cultural Heritage Organization and the Iran Tour Operators Association.
E-mail: hosseinnasr24@yahoo.com

Fatemeh Fereidooni

Marketing Manager

    Fatemeh is the head of marketing department of “33 POL TOURS” travel agency. She has experience in tourism industry for more than 19 years and she has worked in all field of tourism as: guide, tour operator, managing director of a travel agency, translator, MICE, cultural tours, educational tours, special interests tours and …..

     She learned French language in Paris and she is known as a well-known tour guide of Paris. She has also worked as translator, facilitator, coordinator and assistant for French NGOs in Afghanistan for more than 3 years and is the sole travel expert regarding Afghanistan in Iran.
Fatemeh particular expertise is in designing and operating specialist anthropological and sociological tours – including agricultural, culinary and handicraft tours, and in providing and managing tours for senior citizens and people with special needs and disabilities.
People and their ordinary lives are at the core of Fatemeh attention and form the main theme of her tours.

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