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Janine Potherat


Janine Potherat

Mrs. Janine Potherat,   MY IMPRESSIONS OF IRAN

In 2019, I was enticed by a very good friend of mine to travel with her to Iran, a destination which had been on my dream list for a long time. So, I could not miss this opportunity and our 15 days’ trip with a small group was litterally well above my expectations. I knew I was going to be visiting a very special country, but my imagination was by large overriden by the reality. The professionality and a strong sense of hospitality of the people, from top down, involved into the tourist branch in terms of attention to the client, be it in any place where we stopped for a break, a lunch or overnight stay like in Isfahan, Yadz, Kerman or in the camp in Shahdad oasis, at every moment and in all circumstances, from guides to hotel and restaurant personnel, bus drivers and so on along the whole chain.

Highly rated food quality and variety, specially when our small group was hosted by an Iranian family at Norouz! A real “delicatessen” firework! A unique experience that every single traveler in Iran SHOULD EXPERIENCE!

Keenness of Iranian people to have contact with foreigners, eagerness to have pictures taken together and to learn about our way of life. Very respectful and at the same time very lively and smiling a lot and inviting you to smile and laugh together. Maybe they were particularly happy and relaxed because of the holiday season astride Norouz?

Wealth of the country in terms of history, civilization, music ( the concert of traditional Iranian music we were given by a large group of 8 people at the Isfahan Music Museum was a stunning surprise and the most emotional event of the whole trip as far as I am concerned), arts, including culinary art and fantastic handicrafts (many to be purchased and brought back home as gifts for our families and friends, if not kept for ourselves!! Not to forget silk materials, safron and for the well-to-do carpets and alike).

Large diversity of landscapes from the desert to the snow capped high montains in april while cherry trees were blooming in the valleys beneath.

My dream? With Covid’s permission (!) is to go back and discover the plentiful, but more hidden and remote treasures of the country, which, I am sure, are thousands, away from the “tourist” itinerary.

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