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Iran Tourism Attractions

Qom Province

Qom Province is one of the 31 provinces of Iran with 11,237 km² , covering 0.89% of the total area in Iran . It is in the north of the country , and its provincial capital is the city of Qom . ...

Razavi Khorasan Province

Razavi Khorasan Province is a province located in northeastern Iran . Mashhad is the centre and capital of the province . Other cities and townships are Quchan , Dargaz , Chenaran , Sarakhs , Fariman ...

West Azerbaijan Province

West Azerbaijan Province is one of the 31 provinces of Iran . It is in the northwest of the country , bordering Turkey , Iraq and Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic , and the provinces of East Azerbaijan ...

Mazandaran Province

The province made part of First Region upon the division of the provinces into 5 regions solely for coordination and development purposes on June 22, 2014 ... In the early 20th century , Reza ...


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